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Example of Last Years Boxes

See the various sizes and produce grown on the farm that goes into the boxes. 

CSA information

Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, is a great way to support local agriculture while having the opportunity to have fresh and local food within your community. 

Purchasing from our CSA  allows you to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally on a family farm in Johnston County, you also get direct access to the farmer that is growing the food that you will be eating. When you purchase from our CSA you pay a one time payment for the whole season (10-12 weeks depending on weather). This payment includes produce listed below in your box.

2019 Produce Selection: 

Peppers - (June, July)

Lettuce - (May, June)

Squash - (May, June, July)

Zucchini - (May, June, July)

Cabbage -  (May,June)

Watermelon - (June, July)

Cantelope - (June, July)

Tomatoes - (May, June, July)

Broccoli - (May, June)

Sweet Corn - (June, July)

Okra - (June, July)

Cucumber - (May, June, July)

Onions - (May, June, July)

Red Potatoes - (June, July)

Last day to purchase CSA produce boxes is April 1, 2019

Weekly and Bi-Weekly options available

Farm Pick Up Schedule:

Tuesday :  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM    

Wednesday: 2:00- 7:00 PM   

Thursday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM    

Friday: 2:00- 7:00 PM   

Saturday: 11:00 AM- 5:00 PM

When Picking Up Boxes Please Return The Previous Weeks Produce Box

Shipping and Delivery:

Free Shipping Is For Boxes Picked Up In Person at the farm

"Delivery by appointment only" 

We deliver within a 15 mile radius of the farm.

Orientation is required before picking up your first box.

  Disclaimer: As a member of the CSA Produce Box's at Pace Family Farms, You are making a financial commitment for the 2018 season to receive a weekly or by weekly vegetable box. You recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming, there are no guarantees on the exact amount of produce you will receive due to weather extremes, insects, and/or other production factors. You are willing to share the risks of growing methods and reap the benefits along with the farmer. You understand that no refunds for CSA shares will be granted during the season. It is your responsibility to pick up or arrange delivery of your shares during the designated time period or to send someone in your absence.  

FAQ about csa boxes

What are the various sizes?


Extra Small- Large

Are strawberries included?


Yes! As long as they are in season, they are included in your box.

When do you pick up your box?


That's up to you! You make an appointment on when you would like to pick up your box.

Will all the boxes receive the same produce?


Yes! All boxes receive the same produce. It varies on how much based on box size.

What does CSA Stand for?


Community Supported Agriculture. 

You as a community member supporting your local farmer by purchasing directly from our farm!

Can you pick what goes in the box?


All boxes are prepared the same way. You never know what may come in it based on what's in season and ready- that's the fun part!